500 Words A Day For A Week – Complete

Good morning. Yesterday was the last session of 500 words a day for a week (of the official challenge not of me trying to write!) I was not sure what to expect when I began a week ago. I had no stomach for my story and I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to do at all. I felt that my appetite for writing was gone.

I am pleased to say that I don’t only have a great start but as I stated before, I look forward to the next opportunity to write. Below I wanted to post what I was able to accomplish this last week and also mention that if I continued on this path that I would be able to complete the first draft of this novel in little more than 5 months.This may not seem like a fast pace, but my last novel took me about 6 years.

Words before 500 word challenge 1252 = 2.5 pages

Words after 500 word challenge 4546 = 15 pages

If I continue this for 4 and a half months, I would finish in about 5 months.

If I increased this to 1000 words a day it would be 2.5 months.

Imagine that, finishing a novel in 2.5 months!

I would like to say thank you to my readers for following this challenge. It was a tremendous encouragement.



2 thoughts on “500 Words A Day For A Week – Complete

    1. Hey Josh thanks for the comment. This is part of a larger work. It’s my first attempt at a kids story. My hope is to have this first draft be about 60000 words. So, with this challenge I am nearly 10% of the way there.

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