Day 2 of 500 Words – The Warm Up

It’s day two of the 500 words a day for 7 days gauntlet. Also, just to be clear, this blog does not count. Only work on my novel does. I was successful last night even with the distraction of the Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings playoff game. It is the quarterfinals and they put up a miserable game. Down 0-1 — what a shame. Come on Wings!

Anyway, in between the intermissions I was able to get some words down on my new story. I’m into chapter two which describes a drive out of New York city toward one of the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. It is an all day and night excursion coupled with an awkward conversation between a father and son. I will not say much about this story yet but that it is about family.

Many stories that surround families are tragedies, ones that see loved ones wrenched apart by horrors and unfortunate circumstances of life. This story is about how that sort of family comes back together and is stronger all the more because of it.

Here’s to another 500 words tomorrow.



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