Bob’s New Year’s Writing Resolutions

“The world is your oyster,” is a phrase that lost its luster long ago. However, as I look down the the lush green valley that can be a new year, I cannot help but think of one thing – possibilities. It is the possibility of a new job, of an illness being over, of finally finding that house or place to live that will be suitable for your family. As a writer, I am thrilled at the thought of what this year may hold. Especially with being so close to finishing and beginning a few projects.

So as with many other blogs I now post resolutions, or my writing desires for this new year. I sometimes set ambitious goals for myself. So here, not only will I lay down these wild hopes and dreams, but actions as to how I think I can accomplish them.


Goal #1 – Finish my original story – The Tale of Calelleth. How? – I have been finishing a chapter a week. I have two more to write. I see this as a totally doable goal.

Goal #2 – Write 1 blog a week for 2012. How? – My daughter is now going to bed around 9:30 instead of 2:00am. Hopefully, this will allow one night a week for a quick update or thought about the part time writing process.

Goal #3 – Writing the first draft of a kids’ book, by mid early spring/mid summer. How? Again, I hope to have more time in the evening and get a couple of mornings per week schedule going. Also this book is much shorter than my original work. As a side note, I have to remember to stay healthy, for I have been told I sometimes burn the candle at both ends, and have two lighters in the middle. Also, I am a much better writer. Things come out much easier and more coherent (or so they seem!) than when I first started.

Goal #4 – Submit both stories to agencies. How? I have a few examples for proposals, some ideas on where I can get the information, and where I should send them. It is strange really, thinking this is an actual possibility. I cannot believe it even as I write this.

The one parting comment I would like to send out to my readers is this: If you ever dream of writing, if you ever wanted to find an excuse to begin down this thrilling path of writing a novel, starting a blog, or working on short stories, now is that time. It is a new year. Stop dreaming about it and do it. No one can do this for you.

Also, if you need guidance along the way, I am ready to help however I can.



3 thoughts on “Bob’s New Year’s Writing Resolutions

  1. It’s so exciting to think about all of the possibilities that 2012 could hold for you and your writing! To see one of your goals as being the next step in pursuing publication by submitting stories to agencies must be both daunting and exciting. Great job putting together some goals, you can definitely accomplish them.

  2. Scott,
    I think goals are one of the most important things in writing, or probably anything. I am excited to be moving forward, but it’s also scary too. You and many others have encouraged me along the way. So thanks, but thank you. I would not have be able to do this without the constant cheering of of my family and friends!

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