Too Inspired To Sleep

Have you ever been too inspired to sleep? I have, and did feel that way yesterday at midnight. It’s like your mind is humming like a finely tuned engine with such momentum that something must be done. An outlet better present itself or you might explode. I once explained it to a friend like this,”I just feel like I could jump off a cliff!”. He looked at me oddly like he might wrestle me to the ground for we were standing on a bridge at the time but, what I meant to say was, “I feel like I could fly” or, better yet, simply walking won’t do, I had to fly. This present feeling is quite the same. I cannot simply be inspired. I am inspired. So, I must do something, make something, or perhaps…write something.

Okay, at this point you may be thinking I’m cracked and simply need to be institutionalized. To be quite honest, I’ve never been tested for any psychological problems and maybe perhaps I should be. After all, I was just bemoaning the fact yesterday that I simply did not have any time to write and am exhausted and now I feel so energized I could write all night long and through the month.

So why do I write this hyperactive post? Because I believe those who are inspired should do something. Like a surfer catching waves before the current changes. We should design, sing, be crafty (not the bad sort of crafty), but do something with ourselves that is an embodiment of our joy and satisfaction with life. You hear me out there, part timers? I am talking to you. If I can encourage you to do anything, it is to usher you to your laptop or notepad, or where ever you go to assemble the written language, and shout, “carpe diem!”.



2 thoughts on “Too Inspired To Sleep

  1. Thanks for the encouragement, bro! I’ve definitely felt that way before. However my mind usually doesn’t hum like a finely tuned engine….it’s more like a dilapidated toaster oven, but hey, I’ll take it!

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