New Blog – Tell Better Stories

Sometimes writing is something you chug along at by yourself. Other times you are hopelessly dragging and just when you think you simply cannot go on, there is a writing eucatastrophe and you are encouraged to once again pick yourself up and march back to the page.

Many things can elicit these feelings of motivation for a writer. This could be a professor who makes sense of a writing secret, an article that someone shares with you about the writing process, or a pat on the back from someone in your writer’s group.

I wanted to take this entry to mention two great places to find that little burst of energy. Andrew, my good friend who is with me on the quest for publication has started his own blog. I bring it up because it has been a tremendous encouragement to me. I highly recommend you to visit his personal blog and the Breathe writing conference blog. Both of them are great tools for garnering the gumption that you need to get moving on your stories.



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