What This Blog Is About

Five long years ago, I began writing, not because I had a novel in mind, it was merely an idea at that point. This idea has morphed into something quite different than from what I first intended but, an idea I have become more and more fond of. Now, I am here, five years later writing as hard and fast as possible to refine and polish that idea into the second draft of a novel before my second daughter is born in September.

While I would enjoy to prattle on and on about my own projects I am not here to tell you all about my work (though I will a little). The intention of this blog is to share  what I have learned with those who work full time, have children, are otherwise engaged, but still have the wild dream of publishing a novel someday. Thus, with all of the other responsibilities you and I juggle, I thought Parttimenovel would be a good title. I hope that through this site, my readers will be able to see my progress and triumphs as well as share their own. (Please do!)

For those beginning their work, you may be under the unfortunate impression that writing is something that comes easy and it sometimes does but, unfortunately, at such a rapid pace that it requires tremendous editing. It is more in the line of a job. For some it is a horrible job and you might soon discover it is not for you, having thought you could make a quick buck. For others it is a job occasionally but, more than that, a vocation, something we feel compelled to do. The enjoyment of words and the thrill of finishing a new chapter is something that cannot be subdued in our beings. We write, simple as that.

For a long time I struggled with the notion of calling myself a writer. I have not published anything (at least not in something that is still in circulation). I was not embarrassed of it, I just wanted to avoid the impending question that follows my response of acknowledging I am one which is, ‘so what are you writing about?’. I hated, and still do hate, the idea of conforming my novel that has been blooming and growing for five years into a one liner.

One of my good friends, who works in the publishing industry, always asks me to give him my pitch, the one liner that would define my work. When he asks, my mind swims with responses: I have to put hundreds and thousands of words into twelve words? Did I mention this is the first of several books? It’s not like other works, its… well… different! “How so?” he asks. That’s a good question. I hope to have that figured out before I am done.

Until next time, keep writing, keep writing, keep writing!!

6 thoughts on “What This Blog Is About

  1. What an excellent way to start your blog! Honest. Real. Meaningful. You truly have an artist’s soul. I look forward to following your journey to publication. Please, keep writing and blogging.

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