The Best Writing Advice, Ever

Since watching A Midnight In Paris with Owen Wilson, I have wondered what it be like to have Hemingway deconstructing my sentences. Then, I thought, what would it be like to have Gertrude Stein dissecting my novel or discuss my novel with the various writers or artisans that graces Paris in the twenties during that Movable Feast?

I have a lot of writing hero’s and writers that I admire. If I could resurrect any writer I think it would either be Jules Verne or Tolkien.

Why? I love the pace of Verne’s stories. They are simple tales indeed but, he is an expert of pace. The stories start out with a recruiting section. Once the adventure is plotted and the characters are selected the race to the end begins.

Tolkien, its obvious isn’t it? I would need his help developing my world. I have no plans on adding languages as that is a bit further that I would want to go, however, his expertise in realm creation would be appreciated.

How about you? Who are you writing heroes and why? Who would you seek for the best writing advice, ever? Post your answer in the comment section below.