No Matter What, Write Every Day

I wrote in a journal for my first two children every day for the first year of their life. I am doing it for my son now, he’s 6 months old. I love the fact that the last thing I do each day is write and write about something that matters very deeply to me. 

I don’t pretend to be C.S. Lewis in my ponderings, I just try to intermingle my sons daily activities, milestones, and offer advice and thoughts about life. It might not be brilliant, but I hope it shows how much I love my children and how much I want them to have a deep rich life. I love doing something I love and using it in a way to honor my family.

I can also see the benefits of writing every day.

I believe writing is a lot like learning a language. Take the Spanish I used to know for example. While I took classes in high school and college and even went to Mexico and Honduras, now, I can barely bumble through a conversation. Sure it might come back after a while but for the most part it’s gone my friend. 

When I could speak Spanish I was learning and speaking it often. I was immersed in the language. Our creative muscles work a lot like that too.

We have it way easier today

If you can’t find the time to write for a good chunk of time each day, though I’d argue we could all find at least an hour, keep a note pad by your bedside and write each day before you go to bed. Write four sentences. Write a page. Do what you can but do daily so you train your mind and don’t lose those writing muscles. After all, if your goal is to be a writer and to write for a career it might be wise to see if you can both do it and stomach it.

Write 500 words today.