Why Writers Need Writers

When I have a conversation with an acquaintance that turns personal, this question usually surfaces – “So what do you like to do for fun?”

At times I think about skirting over the question, with – “I like hockey, or I like to read.” However, I have come to learn the value of writing friends and the bond that

Top row (from left): Leo Tolstoy, Dmitry Grigorovich, Bottom row (from left): Ivan Goncharov, Ivan Turgenev, Alexander Druzhinin, and Alexander Ostrovsky

writing builds. I understand that I might get occasional sympathetic nod from the person I am talking with, or a few raised eyebrows and “good luck with that.” Or, maybe, just possibly, a fellow word loving comrade.

Since I started on my novel several years ago I have had the benefit of many writing friends, or friends that are kind enough to read my work and encourage me in my novel. They’ve been with me through many drafts and thankfully I don’t think I have ever been given the look or feeling that I should probably do something more productive with my life.

So where am I going with this long rambling post? Perhaps this is a thank you to all of you who keep asking me, “So how’s it going?” as I stomp through the sludge of my latest draft, and it is. But, also, if you are a new writer or a writer who is struggling to find their way, writing friends are the best and sometimes the only remedy to help you to carry on in your quest to become a published author.

As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child.

The same can be said for any writer you meet.

Keep writing friends. Never give up.





A One Night Writer’s Conference

I recently attended a part of the Breathe Writer’s Conference. I was left with a taste for more. Meeting writers, gathering some encouragement, and coming to the realization that there are more than three people in the Grand Rapids community that are in pursuit of publication were grand things indeed.

Thus, my three brave comrades and I decided to throw a writers conference of our own: A one night writing conference. We have the venue selected (the soon to be new and improved Baker Book Store) and the date (Friday, February 8th 2013). There are a lot of things to be worked out. However, I can tell you that it will be a wonderful time. The schedule provides time for three brief presentations, discussion, insight into the writing life, as well as time to mingle and write. Also, the conference is free so you don’t have an excuse.

The topics of discussion are still up in the air but will most likely include:

  • Using Social Media
  • Flash Fiction
  • Encouragement (or swift kick in the writing pants)
  • Marketing
  • Writing in the cracks of life
  • What happens after your novel gets to the publisher

I will update you as those topics become more solid. Josh, Andy and I hope that the connections, instructions, and encouragement you receive will propel you toward your publication dreams, whatever they may be. For now, mark it down on your calendar that you already have plans on February 8th. You’ll be at a writer’s conference. Keep writing my friends.