Sir Terry Pratchett Dead at 66

Four years ago I had never heard of a Nac Mac Feegle, the Wintersmith, or Tiffany Aching. My friend Josh told me about the Feegles and Tiffany’s three books in the Discworld cannon created by Sir Terry Pratchett and for some reason, unlike most other things, it stuck there.

A year or so later I was looking for an audio book at the local library and noticed a picture of a funny little man on the front of one of them. It was a Nac Mac Feegle of course, and I soon remembered Josh’s recommendation.

The book is so deliciously good that I make it a priority to listen/read it every year. The Wee Free Men is the first book in the three Wintersmithpart series, but this is my favorite.

When I heard about the death of Sir Pratchett, I was sad of course, but not just because he was gone. I was sad because Tiffany will have no more stories. He may never have planned to write any but I pictured Tiffany Aching getting older and wilder and ending up like Granny Aching, living among the green hills in the Chalk, tending sheep and any livestock brought to her, all the while trying to keep the Nac Mac Feegles from running off and roasting one of them.

In my challenge for reading this month I said read something out of the ordinary. If you are still looking, Sir Pratchett’s books are certainly that. They are full of adventure, warmth, and the wit and humor only Sir Terry Pratchett could bring.



Books I Read In 2014

This past year, I fell well short of my goal to read 40 books in a year. That being said, I enjoyed some of the best books I’ve ever read.

My least favorite book this year was King Solomon’s Mines.

My favorite fictional character goes to Tiffany Aching for a third year in a row, Mr. Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series never seems to grow old.

A Moveable Feast was just that – delicious.

The best book I read this year was Unbroken. I am sure you were told by a friend to read it at to some point over the last few years and you need to listen to them. If not them then me. Please read it. I beg you.

If you don’t trust me just read one of the 15,000+ 5 star reviews on I finished it a few weeks ago and I am not sure I can say it changed my life but it has changed its trajectory for now. I still cannot believe anyone lived that experience.

Thanks for reading, and please share any recommendations for 2015 in the comments section below. Thank you in advance.

Happy New Year.



  1. The Fourth Part of the World – Toby Lester
  2. The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald
  3. The Travels of Sir John Mandeville
  4. The End of the Affair – Graham Greene
  5. The Giver – Lois Lowry
  6. Myths of the Norsemen – Roger Lancelyn Green
  7. 14 – Peter Clines
  8. Because of Winn Dixie – Kate Dicamillo
  9. The Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis
  10. The Great Divorce – C.S. Lewis
  11. King Solomon’s Mines – H. Rider Haggard
  12. The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss
  13. The Wintersmith – Terry Pratchett
  14. I Shall Wear Midnight – Terry Pratchett
  15. A Walk In the Woods – Bill Bryson
  16. The Adventures of Robin Hood – Roger Lancelyn Green
  17. Stardust – Neil Gaiman
  18. The Art of War for Writers – James Scott Bell
  19. A Moveable Feast – Earnest Hemingway
  20. 1491 New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus – Charles L. Mann
  21. The Remains of the Day – Kazuo Ishiguro
  22. On the Wings of Eagles – Ken Follett
  23. Unbroken – Laura Hillenbrand