I Put Writing Last

For the last month I’ve written a total of zero posts on my blog. Those who’ve written books about maintaining a blog say if I want tokeep an audience, you’ve got to keep blogging. Fairly simple idea. The last two months, however, I’ve had to shift my efforts to work and, when I had writing time, to my novel.

I work in sales. I equip accountants and other tax professionals with tax forms, folders, etc. The months of December and January are about 35-40% of my year and tend to get a little busy, brutally so. My appetite to come home and look at a computer screen was sapped by 10am. I like to write and connect with others who share the same dream and passion, but I just didn’t have it in me.

There are times when I feel guilty for taking a break. I shouldn’t be out at a movie I should be writing! I should be writing instead of shopping for jeans! Who needs pants?! These are the thoughts that haunt me when I’m not writing consistently. My passion becomes some horrible guilt ridden flash mob that could strike at any moment.

Thankfully, I learned two things from this break.

1. That I burn bright and fast instead of marching on at an even pace. For those who don’t know me that well, this is nothing new. If I have any goal this year it is to be more pace oriented so I don’t burn myself out all of the time. I’d make me a better husband, father, and person.

2. That I love writing more than I thought. When you get distance from something, it allows proper perspective. You are not as emotionally involved and can be honest. I was and found I craved writing more than I did before my self imposed break. I’m excited to focus on it again.

How about you? Have you put writing down for a bit? What made you go back to it? Are you still not writing? What would it take for you to pick it back up again?

Keep Writing.