Blog Blackout and Submitting Novels


It has taken longer than I anticipated, but Part Time Novel is back up and running. I obviously did not realize when my family and I moved that there would have been a gap in internet coverage. Thankfully, I have the local Tim Horton’s (Tim’s) to replenish my cravings of internet must-haves like celebrity gossip, Facebook’s IPOs rise and stock downfall, and the heroic sprint of a stray dog across China! More seriously though, that dog is amazing. Check it out.

Running Dog


Moving has brought about a new urgency in my submissions process. As I packed my old notes, half completed novels, and finished drafts into boxes last week, I realized it was time to get going. It is time to submit my novel.

I finished my latest draft back in February and I believe I have allowed enough time to pass for proper distance. I have allowed this disconnect from my novel to pass my book out and to collect ideas on how to make it better. I have also investigated how I might submit it and even located a few books that I wish to compete against. Over the next few weeks I will keep you up to date on my progress, provide tips I have found about the submission process, as well as anything else that might be helpful for the beginning writer/submitter.

If you have anything to add to the dialogue, please let feel free to contribute.