7000 Words In 7 Days Completed

When I announced I was going to do a My Novel Recommit challenge to get back to writing every day again, I didn’t realize I’d selected one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a while at home and at work to do it.

But I did it. 7012 words in 7 days.

Photo Credit: ®DS via Compfight cc

Many days I wrote until 1230am was up in the middle of the night with kids and then up at 630. It was rough. In the middle I knew I couldn’t do it. In the end I powered through. It’s always a thrill to meet a deadline.

If you joined me in the challenge, thank you. You helped me stay accountable. Special thanks to Maria Berg for competing.

I am going to put the books on the backburner for the next two weeks as I finish the preparations on my talk at the Breathe Writers Conference on Worldbuilding. I’ll tell you more about it later.

What I learned the most from this writing challenge is that no matter the tools or limited time that you have you must keep writing. That is the one and only key to being a writer and for some reason its the hardest thing to do.

I hope you find sometime this weekend to write. Create a challenge or be ready when I put another one up on my blog next month.


Advice For Aspiring Writers


Stephen J Cannell died a couple of years ago. I probably would not know who he was if he was still alive. However, when obituaries are posted around the web and condolences flood it, I get suspicious. It was then I discovered one of the writers for the A-Team, one of my favorite shows from the 1980s. 

Mr Cannell wrote every day for 5 hours! He co-wrote or co-created over 40 TV shows and wrote several novels. Below is a fantastic interview for writers who are in the grand struggle of producing a work.

Here’s a couple of clips:

Find some time to write this weekend.