Do You Struggle To Find Time To Write?

For various reasons, our books are not done. The task of writing a 60,000-100,000 book is akin to climbing Everest, tomorrow, without any training.

But, let’s break this mountain down.

Writing is about rhythm. Get up every day or writing at lunch or before you go to bed.

If you wrote 400 words a day. (this blog post is 149 words)

You’ll need about 30 minutes. (one less episode of__)

If you do this every single day. (this is your dream remember? show a little tenacity!)

You’ll be done in 250ish days. (100,000 words in less than a year!)

This draft will certainly need some TLC (You have 115 days to plot/edit!)

But it will be done. (And you’ll feel like you can do anything)

Food for thought.

No more excuses.

This is your dream.

Writing is hard work, not dancing in a field of lilies.

Don’t give up.

Write 500 words today.