100 Word Challenge for Julia’s Place – Those Putrid Sunny Days

Here is my entry for the 100 word challenge for Julia’s place to titled: Those Putrid Sunny Days.


Malcolm Belfore was a child of study and thus hated summers. While all his classmates celebrated the newly won summer, Malcolm pulled out his calendar and crossed off the first day of summer.

“humph!” he growled when a joyful student rushed past shouting jubilantly.

“Bah!” he barked when he saw two high five.

“Malcolm, are you alright?” Mrs. Appleton asked while eyeing him over her glasses.

“I hate summers,” he muttered.

“But Malcolm, children love summer,” she returned.

“Not all of them.” He said pouting. He lamented every single putrid sunny day until the children began returning to the routine.

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100 Word Challenge – Together The Flames

Curses echoed from the headmaster’s office. Mikey ran down the corridor knowing the headmaster would discover what he did, but didn’t realize it would be so soon.

The office door flung open.The headmaster, never one to run, marched briskly in pursuit. Mikey yanked on the common room door handle, it was mercifully unlocked.

A fire burned in the hearth and seventeen boys huddled nearby. Mikey marched like a hero, flashed the ledger containing the daily punishments and stood over the fire. The headmaster entered. It was too late for together the flames erased the unjust punishments.

The boys cheered.